About Us

Stacie embarked on a dietary transformation upon experiencing digestive symptoms, unaware that her recent breast implants in 2004 were the underlying cause of her ailments, along with many others yet to come.  Dissatisfied with medication as a solution, she tirelessly sought natural alternatives and explored various eating habits over the span of 19 years.  Eventually, she discovered the rejuvenating effects of a plant-based lifestyle and juicing, which greatly improved her well-being.  Throughout her journey, Stacie, an avid cooking enthusiast, acquired expertise in preparing diverse meals that adhered to specific dietary focus such as dairy-free, artificial flavoring and preservative-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, paleo, egg-free, fat-free, oil-free, grain-free, citric acid-free, and vegan with plant-based options.

Food has always held a special place in Stacie's heart.  After enduring countless salads during cold Colorado winters, she decided to adapt and "plantify" her favorite recipes that she had been missing.  Encouraged by a few individuals, she embarked on writing a recipe e-book in 2019.  The process took a couple of years, and her first volume of recipes was eventually published in May 2022.

During her e-book project, Stacie yearned to offer more but found the idea of opening a restaurant daunting.  However, she came across the Cottage Food Law, which allowed her to create shelf-stable items in her home kitchen to sell to the public.  This inspired her to create a tortilla mix and brainstormed with her husband to explore other mix options.  In July 2022, Stacie proudly introduced her three-flavor tortilla mixes at two Farmers Markets.

Stacie's ultimate goal has always been to craft delectable products using the purest ingredients possible.  Considering the demands of a hectic lifestyle, she prioritized simplicity in the preparation of her mixes.

Happy eating!

Stacie :)