• What is cassava 

Cassava is a nutty-flavored, starchy root vegetable or tuber. Native to South America, it’s a major source of calories and carbs for people in many countries. Nigeria, Thailand, and Indonesia are the top cassava-producing countries in the world.  Cassava flour is used to make our tortillas grain-free. 

  • Are tortillas hard to make? 

Our tortilla mixes only require hot water to make the dough.  The tortillas can be rolled out with a rolling pin between parchment paper or using a tortilla press.  We have YouTube videos on making, freezing and warming the tortillas to help you! 

  • Do you ship outside Colorado? 

Unfortunately, not yet.  Due to our Cottage Food License, we are only allowed to ship within Colorado.  

  • I have Celiac Disease, are your products safe for me?  
Production dates moving forward that contain all ingredients that are labeled gluten-free.
1/9/23 Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
1/9/23 Original Tortilla Mix
3/30/23 Carob Brownie Mix
8/8/23 Peanut Butter Chip Cookie Mix
8/15/23 PB&J Cookie Mix
9/18/23 Pumpkin Spice Brownie Mix
11/27/23 Gingersnap Cookie Mix

The Chocolate Brownie, Garlic & Herb Tortilla, Southwest Tortilla, and Taco Seasoning mixes contain ingredients that are purchased in bulk, that are processed in a facility that processes wheat.  The Loaded Cookie Mix contains sliced almonds that are processed on the equipment that also packages products that may contain wheat.  We do not have wheat flour in our kitchen at all.

  • What is the sugar/carbs/salt content? 

Look online, and the nutritional facts are listed under each product. 

  • What are your favorite mixes?

Stacie's favorites are the Carob Brownie Mix, Gingersnap Cookie Mix and Southwest Tortilla Mix for tacos.  Mike's favorites are Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix made with peanut butter substitution for coconut oil and Garlic & Herb Tortilla Mix for wraps.